Meet the Team

George Kritikos – Lead Artist

George’s first gaming experience is Super Mario Bros on Nintendo at a very young age, which inspired him to become a game developer. Having played so many games growing up, he has always wanted to create an ‘experience’ for people to play and eventually he started designing his own games. “Demigod” was the first game he found interesting to a point where he decided to start altering/adding new functions as well as tweaking the code. He shared it on their forums for others to download and received a positive response from the community. George’s strong portfolio of concept art and ideas have been a driving force for the company. Many of his ideas are put into action, but not at the cost of others. He takes everyone’s ideas equally and assures that they are put into thought as a team.

Braden Wentworth – 

From a young age Braden has always been interested in game and programming. He was first exposed to QBasic and HTML and expanded his knowledge using the in game OOP language of the ZZT series. Braden created his own personal and experimental projects as soon as he discovered GameMaker. After spending a few years across different TAFE courses Braden eventually Co-Founded LABVC, a small web design and development business.

Deva Chandra – Animator

Deva has experience working with many clients, such as: Dash (Melbourne based band), business owners, school principals and a filmmaker. She is capable of producing animation that meets their expectation with a twist of her own creative flair. She majored in 2D animation at RMIT and further study 3D animation, at AIE. She was convinced film and screen was everything for her but that was changed during her study at AIE, and ever since, she has not regretted her decision. Alongside her animation skills Deva has background experience in Management and Planning, keeping the team up to date with deadlines and projecting future plans into a reality.